About Us

Transwest Air Fleet

Whether you are transporting passengers or freight, for either personal or corporate travel, Transwest Air can offer an unmatched variety of aircrafts to suit your specific needs. From our Saab 340’s to our Cessna 185, Transwest Air has proudly built on a 60 year heritage of aviation excellence by steadily expanding and diversifying our fleet. Operating on wheels, floats and skis, our fleet is maintained and run by experienced flight and ground crews who will ensure that you travel safely in the aircraft that is right for you.

SAAB 340

Transwest Air operates one Saab 340A and two Saab 340B’s in its fleet. The Saab is a 25 to 34-seat twin turboprop aircraft, featuring comfortable leather seats, attendant service, a galley, and a lavatory. It carries a maximum payload of 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg) or up to 34 passengers with a range of 909 nm (1,685 km). The Saab has an economical cruising speed of 260 knots (484 km/h) and a maximum cruising speed of 278 knots (515 km/h).

Transwest Air uses the Saab 340 on scheduled service flights and also for charters in North America. One of our Saabs is leased from a group of our First Nation Band partners as part of a larger investment in the communities we serve. When flying, do it in comfort and style!



Transwest Air operates two Beechcraft 1900 D in its fleet. The 1900 is a 19 passenger, twin engine turboprop aircraft that can reach cruising speeds up to 259 knots (480 km/h). This versatile airplane has a very large cargo capacity for freight and can be configured for scheduled service, freight hauls, and passenger transportation all in a comfortable aircraft you can stand up in.


Transwest Air operates one King Air 350. Seating 9 passengers in executive seating, the King Air 350 is the ultimate in comfort and class with additional MEDEVAC capabilities. Reaching speeds of 299 knots (555 km/h) and with a fuel range of 1,440 nm (2,666 km), this aircraft is perfect for corporate travel with our executive seating option. For your next meeting ask yourself, why would I be at the mercy of the commercial airlines, when I can arrive in my own private charter? With no wait at security, and traveling on your own set schedule you can come and go as you please!


Cruise in comfort and style in the King Air 300. The 8 passenger King Air 300 can reach speeds of 307 knots (570 km/h), has a fuel range of 1,570 nm (2,907 km) and MEDEVAC capabilties! Phoenix for a round of golf anyone? How about a shopping trip to Toronto? Fast, affordable and the ultimate in comfort are just a few words to describe the King Air 300.


Transwest Air operates four King Air 200 aircraft. This versatile twin engine turbo prop with an air-conditioned and pressurized cabin seats 7 passengers comfortably. The King Air 200 can operate at speeds up to 247 knots (458 km/h), and can be configured to scheduled service, cargo, or MEDEVAC operations. This aircraft features aesthetics and quality that any customer can appreciate.


Transwest Air operates one King Air 100 aircraft. Seating 9 passengers with a cargo pod, this aircraft can operate at speeds up to 217 knots (402 km/h). The King Air 100 is a pressurized turbo prop and can be configured for scheduled service, cargo, or MEDEVAC operations.


Operational on wheels, skis, or floats, our five Twin Otters are the ideal aircrafts for year-round flights into remote locations. With a top speed of 130 knots (241 km/h), the Twin Otter seats 12 to 15 passengers comfortably. It has a 52” x 58” (130 cm x 145 cm) cargo door and a maximum payload (with passengers) that ranges from 1800-2900 lbs (816-1,315 kg), making the Twin Otter an attractive option for moving both passengers and cargo to those hard-to-reach locations.


Transwest Air has one Turbo Otter. The Turbo Otter cruises at 112 knots (209 km/h), and can operate in a wide variety of conditions. It is equipped with floats in the summer, and wheels/skis in the winter. The Turbo Otter can carry 9 passengers, or up to 2600 lbs (1179 kg) of freight.


There are two DeHavilland Beaver aircraft in our fleet. Our Beavers can seat five to six comfortably, with a top speed of 90 knots (168 km/h) and a cargo capacity of up to 1,500 lbs (680 kg), and can operate on wheels, skis, or floats.


Transwest Air operates one Cessna 185. The Cessna 185 will carry three passengers plus gear, and flies at a speed of 104 knots (193 km/h). This versatile aircraft operates on floats in the summer and on wheels/skis in the winter. The Cessna 185 is ideal for timber or game surveys, as well as regular charter work.


Northern Shield Helicopter Fleet

Proud to serve Saskatchewan communities and industry with a comprehensive and cutting-edge fleet, Northern Shield Helicopters currently operates one Bell 206 Jet Rangers, one Bell 206 L4 Long Ranger, two Bell 407s, and two Bell 205s. The fleet is spread across the province, ensuring that the perfect helicopter to suit your needs is never out of reach. Northern Shield attracts the best and brightest flight and ground crews from across Canada who provide our customers with their years of experience and a focus on safety and efficiency.


BELL 205

Northern Shield’s two Bell 205s are multipurpose helicopters that are extremely versatile in handling remote jobs. Capable of carrying up to 14 passengers, this helicopter is primarily used to transport large amounts of personnel or for external long line operations. With an airspeed of 100 knots (185 km/h) and weighing just over 6,000 lbs (2,721 kg), with full fuel and a pilot onboard the Bell 205 is capable of carrying a remaining useful load of 2,591 lbs (1,175 kg) which can be utilized for passengers, cargo, or a combination of the two! For cargo lifting, fuel hauls, drilling rig moves, medevac services or aerial firefighting, the Bell 205 brings you the ultimate in versatility and power.

BELL 407

The full integration of speed, performance and maneuverability and reliable beyond measure. Northern Shield’s three Bell 407s are outfitted with spacious cabins that seat up to six passengers and are configurable for an array of tasks and payloads. An incredibly smooth ride in virtually all conditions, with a full fuel range of 208 nm (386 km) and a four bladed rotor system the Bell 407 can accommodate any longline job that it is presented with. With an empty weight of just over 3,000 lbs (1,360 kg) and a remaining useful load of 966 lbs (438 kg), the Bell 407 is the first choice of those who put service and safety first.


Northern Shield operates one Bell 206 Jet Rangers, each with a cruising speed of 86 knots (160 km/h) and a full fuel range of three hours or 260 nm (482 km). Seating 3 passengers comfortably and capable of lifting approximately 600 lbs (272 kg) on a longline, the Bell 206 Jet Ranger is the perfect option for a variety of jobs such as: crew changes, medevacs, videography and surveying, and general sightseeing.


The Bell 206 L4 Long Ranger offers the same seating configuration as the Jet Ranger, but offers additional lifting capabilities. The maximum “all-up” internal gross take-off weight is 4,450 lbs (2,018 kg), with a maximum “all-up” external gross take-off weight of 4,550 lbs (2063 kg). This helicopter is ideally equipped for external load operations and includes a logging window for winter vertical reference operations.