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Frequent Flyers

Northern Sky Rewards

Collect 10 one-way boarding passes with either Transwest Air or West Wind Aviation scheduled flights and you are eligible to receive one standby flight.

To redeem your 10 boarding passes, please call Transwest or West Wind reservations to book your flight. There will be an administration fee of $25.00 to be paid at the time of check-in. When you check-in, present your 10 boarding passes, pay the administration fee and you are on your way.


The Simply Fly program offers a completely ticketless air experience! No ticket required at check-in, no ticket to lose, plus the ability to book and track your account online!

Inquire about pricing options, plus the incentive bonus.

For more information about these programs: contact our Sales and Marketing
Department, or a Transwest Air reservation agent toll-free at 1-800-667-9356.